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To me, essential oils aren't just good smells, they are a lifestyle, a mindset even. Living with and using essential oils allows us to eliminate so many toxins from our life. A regular household uses up to 62 chemicals on a daily basis. They are hidden everywhere! In your household cleaners, your laundry liquid and dish soap, your make up, your face and body care products such as lotions, washgels, shampoo's and body soaps. 

Now, what if I told you, that you could just use one oil blend to clean your entire house with and be sure to eliminate 99.99% bacteria and germs? What if I told you, that Lemon oil can brighten your hair and teeth, remove stickers and other adhesives. What if I told you you can get essential oil infused toothpaste, 100% based on plants and free of fluorite and other harmful chemicals. What if I told you it is so easy to make your own or even buy ready made deodorant from Young Living free of any harmful toxins such as aluminium. What if I told you that you can finally start using Make-Up that not only makes you prettier but actually doesn't do you any harm such as hormone disruption. What if I told you that living a low tox lifestyle is so easy and can actually be a whole lot of fun. Using essential oils and any of the over 600 products Young Living offers has become a great passion for me and many, many other people globally. Jump on the train and discover the endless possibilities they offer.


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Go with any of these Starter Kits! Why?

The Starter Kits offer an amazing value for the best price. You will see that you save up to or sometimes even more than 50% off retail price when purchasing one of these kits. The best thing? You can get as many Starter Kits in your Young Living lifetime as you desire.

And purchasing one for your first order enables you to get a retail membership with a 24% discount forever and alle future orders WITHOUT any obligation to order ever again.

Depending on your country, the prices, the oils that come with the kit and diffusers available may vary

Rainstone Starterkit Young Living
Desert Mist Starter Kit Young Living
Dewdrop Starterkit Young Living
NingXia Red Starterkit Young Living
Thieves Starterkit Young Living
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